High End Direct Drive Racing Wheels

When you take this hobby a little more serious, and really want to experience the simulated forces optimally, you cannot go wrong with any of the Direct Drive wheels. While some of them have better encoders, and have some forces better insinuated than others, there isn’t a lot you miss if you choose a cheaper option above an expensive one. Nonetheless there are still slight differences that could make you go all out and sell your kidneys to get one of these Racing Wheels.

FeelVR Direct Drive Wheel

While this Racing Wheel isn’t officially out yet, and is still very much in production. They might be a very cheap alternative for people who don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for a Direct Drive wheel. But since this Racing Wheel hasn’t reached the consumer market just yet, I will not recommend it just yet, but it is always nice to keep an eye on if you are interested in a cheap Direct Drive.

Fanatec Podium Series DD1 / DD2

While both of these products aren’t released just yet, it is only a matter of time before the pre-orders end, and they will be shipped out around December. The DD1 is looking to be the perfect option for anyone who wants to dive into the Direct Drive Racing Wheel options, and while both of them do not feature an included rim (many Direct Drive wheels don’t) it is really easy to get one included because of what Fanatec already has to offer.


There are a wide variety of Direct Drive Racing Wheels you can find on Sim-Plicity. While the initial production for the lower force racing wheels was a bit rough, they have finally worked out the kinks and now offer a wide variety of cheap and higher priced Direct Drive wheels that run on the SimuCUBE software just like the OSW does.

SimXperience AccuForce

The AccuForce is probably the cheapest DIY (do it yourself) pack you can find. While there is a kit that comes with an included rim and button box, you can also just go with the AccuForce base and throw whatever you want on it. The included Sim Commander software is perhaps the best software you can find for tweaking your Direct Drive wheels. So don’t let its cheap price tag scare you, because AccuForce has a foot in the door, and for many people its the best option to go with.

Open Sim Wheel

The OSW is perhaps the most popular Direct Drive people end up going with. The kits offer an encoder that is almost unrivaled with others, and with the software people can tweak it to their liking. If you are looking for a DIY kit, you can’t go wrong with the OSW.

Leo Bodnar Sim Steering 2 FFB System

The Leo Bodnar Direct Drive wheels are seen as the top of the line, and this is mainly for its price rather than quality. While the quality is still very high and very good, a lot of people, me included, do not really understand why this Direct Drive Kit is double its price compared to the rest. While some effects are definitely more nuanced, I don’t think it is worth the extra dimes you have to miss for its price. But if money isn’t an option, going for the Leo Bodnar Direct Drive kits is the way to go.

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