Sub $100 Racing Wheels

There aren’t many options for when you are looking for a racing wheel around this price range, and generally the racing wheels you will find also have a lot of limitations, I wouldn’t buy a racing wheel around this price and would rather save up for a little more, but if you have no other options you can look at these Racing Wheels:

Hori Overdrive

Hori is a brand you won’t see a lot of people use. Because most of their Racing Wheels aren’t really worth it. The Hori Overdrive is the only decently priced Racing Wheel they have, and although I personally would never pick this one over the other alternatives, it is still an option I would like to mention.

Thrustmaster T80

Perhaps the only decent option in my eyes around this price point. Around 80$ this wheel proves to be the best beginner option when you aren’t sure what wheel to go for. While I would rather look towards the Thrustmaster T150, the T80 proves to be a decent Racing Wheel for its price.


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